Put Stickers in your Starting Lineup

It’s a question that’s almost always welcomed, even coming from a complete stranger.

“Nice Bucks sticker! Are you a Milwaukee fan?”

And just like that, fans connect and talk about the teams, leagues, players, coaches, organizations, communities, and how personal experiences shape their unique fanhood.

Stickers are the catalyst for the kind of lasting engagement few other promotional products can inspire. These tiny traveling billboards can transform things we use every day into powerful branding tools that bring fans closer to each other and closer to the team. Impactful, lasting, versatile, and joyful, stickers deserve a spot in your marketing starting lineup.

Pride and Passion

The recent (and lengthy) tumultuous stretch has changed a lot about the athletics experience for everyone. It’s become more and more difficult for athletics marketers to find ways to engage fans and communities. But stickers can help connect with fans wherever they are, ignite their pride and passion, and help them broadcast their loyalties wherever they go.  

University of Florida’s sticker sheet that appeals to fans of all types.
  • Use custom sticker sheets to reach all types of fans with multiple stickers on a single sheet. Plenty of room for logos, mascots, campaign slogans, mantras or other program-defining icons.
  • Send sticker postcards to add some hustle to your mail outreach.
  • Hand out sticker sheets in the community to spread the love for your program.  

The Game Day Experience

Gamedays certainly look different these days (hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon), but that can’t and won’t stop fans and supporters from finding ways to create or recreate the hype,week in and week out. Use stickers to pump up fans on game days by:

  • Loading up local businesses with stickers to hand out to their customers, reinforcing your teams’ connection to the local community and helping raise awareness for your program.
  • Building anticipation for upcoming game days, promotions, community events, or even social media campaigns. Take advantage of two-sided sticker stickers and sticker sheets and use the back for team schedules, seating charts, or other fan-specific info so they have everything they need to support your program.
  • Adding sticker sheets to tickets packs, programs or media kits as an easy, affordable, creative way to extend the life of the publications and continue to raise awareness after the final whistle.
University of Hartford used sticker postcards to encourage social media shares for a chance to win $500.

The VIP Treatment

Athletics wouldn’t be nearly what they are today without donors and supporters who take their fanhood to another level. Stickers can be used as an easy, simple-but-appreciated way to thank and excite your loyal supporters. For example:

Sticker postcards make awesome thank you cards for your VIP outreach.
  • Send a sticker postcard postcard to promote an upcoming giving campaign.  [Holy Cross]
  • Use stickers as handouts for donor events, or include stickers in mailers going to donors to provide some excitement with the piece.
  • If you send a thank you for your donation letter, include a small small sticker sheet as a simple additional item as a way for donors to show continued pride in your organization.  

Although a lot of things are leaning digital, the impact tangible promotions have is immense. Digital items simply can’t compete with a fan’s joy getting stickers in the mail or as a handout, and then deciding exactly what to decorate so that everyone  will know they are your fans. No refrigerator magnets required. Inexpensive and infinitely versatile, stickers can bring energy and excitement to any marketing game plan. Our dedicated team can help you find the perfect promotion to add to your lineup.

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