Terms and Conditions

Magellan Stickers is a department of Magellan Promotions. All language uses the legal name of Magellan Promotions.

Quotes: Any special quotes provided by Magellan Promotions are good for 30 days. Items impacted by fluctuating tariffs are exempted from this policy. Should pricing increase due to tariff increases, quoted pricing will change. Magellan Promotions will confirm all pricing in writing before an order is put into production, should it be impacted by tariff fluctuations.

Sales Orders: The sales order reflects all information for your order. Please review carefully and confirm the shipping address, item info (including quantity, colors, sizing), artwork info and delivery dates. No credit will be issued for errors on sales orders after approval.

Proofs: On all orders, Magellan Promotions will email a proof of the artwork, showing the imprint, imprint size and imprint color(s). The production order will remain on hold until approval is received.

Review proofs carefully for any errors. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spelling
  • Missing type
  • Copy
  • Logo
  • Logo size
  • Layout
  • Imprint color
  • Item description
  • Item colors

Credit will not be issued for art errors after approval.

Magellan Promotions proofs do not represent exact product or imprint colors, and colors can vary based on the computer screen. To see exact colors of the product and/or artwork, a pre-production sample may be able to be made for an additional cost. Please contact your Magellan Promotions Account Manager to discuss a pre-production proof/sample.

Pantone Colors: If a PMS match of a specific color is required, a PMS pantone match charge may apply.  All quotes will include the PMS pantone charge if it applies.

Graphic Design Services: If artwork services are required, our on-staff graphic designer runs $50.00 per half hour. We will confirm estimated design services in advance, and we will not begin until we have customer approval.

Payment: Payment terms are Net 30, with payment preferred via check or ACH. Payment by credit card is an option.  If credit has not been established with Magellan Promotions, pre-payment may be required. To set up payment terms, contact an Account Manager.

Over/Under Runs/Exact Quantities: Every effort will be made to ship the exact quantity ordered. However due to the nature of the printing process, we reserve the right to under or over ship an order by up to 10% and invoice the quantity delivered. If an exact quantity is required, additional charges may apply.

Returns: All sales are final. Magellan Promotions needs to be made aware of any defects with the production order within 10 days of the delivery.  Products that are not imprinted correctly will be replaced at no charge. All returns require written approval.

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Keep getting Captcha failing? These are reasons why...

We know it’s very annoying when you can’t place your order because the Captcha verification keeps failing. Unfortunately we must use it to stop fake orders and spam bots from ruining the site. However, some innocent people get caught in the crosshairs, and it sounds like that may have happened to you.

The most common reason reCAPTCHA doesn’t work is that Google finds your IP address suspicious. Why? We don’t know, but Google does. However, there are other causes that you can control, including outdated web browsers, faulty browser extensions, banned VPN servers, and more. Check out the list:

  • Your browser version is outdated.
  • Your computer is infected with malware.
  • The browser profile is corrupted.
  • Your IP address was banned because of detected suspicious activity.
  • Your VPN or proxy service is interrupting the reCAPTCHA process.

And these are just to name a few. And while we would like to be able to fix this problem from our end, we can’t… these are related to your computer and your IP address.

The best way to start is to update your browser, and disable any extensions you may have installed. Or, try a different browser.

If you are working from a corporate network, chances are you are behind a VPN or proxy server, and Google will deem this suspicious, because spammers work behind VPNs and proxy servers. The best thing in this case that you can try is to connect to a network outside your workplace and place your order then. 

If all else fails, please feel free to call in your order at 414-831-0184. Our hours for taking orders are 8AM-4:30PM CST. We are here to help!