CIVSA sticker sheet

Do More With Less: Custom Sticker Sheets

Instead of figuring out what to drop from your marketing mix, instead think about what you can stick together. Custom sticker sheets combine multiple stickers with the impact of a fully branded marketing piece.

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Why Die Cut Stickers Now

Our die cut sticker sheet options offer a variety of affordable ways to recruit students and maintain alumni and donors excitement. Our team has worked with some interesting new designs and product examples worth sharing.

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stickers help your brand stick out

Stickers Help Your Brand Stick Out

Stickers are showing up just about everywhere these days and their popularity makes them advertising gold, and there are many reasons to include stickers as part of marketing and branding campaigns.

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merch to promote college pride

Promote Your College Pride on Computer Keyboards

People spend countless hours on their computers each day, making them prime real estate to have a logo, messaging and messaging. A recently popular option is to let students, alumni and donors show their pride in their college using keyboard stickers.

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