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Magellan Stickers, a brand of Magellan Promotions, is a different type of sticker provider that supports businesses, non-profits, and schools on their marketing projects. We focus on the importance of design, messaging, and branding with our flagship product, the custom sticker sheets. People like stickers because they are fun and there is a story that goes along with each sticker. Our sticker sheets help your organization take advantage of these marketing benefits by offering an array of die-cut stickers that are integrated on a sheet. They can include your brand story, messaging and calls to action. Integrating stickers into your marketing materials will add an exciting new dimension to your campaign.

About Our Stickers

  1. All of our stickers are printed in the U.S.A. by union labor. In fact, the union seal can be printed on your product upon request.
  2. We use an ultra-removable adhesive that will not leave any residue when removed from any surface.
  3. On many of our stickers we offer two versions−premium and economy. The premium is printed in a higher resolution printer, has a matte finish, and is often less expensive in higher quantities (typically over 5,000 pieces). Compare Premium and Economy

About Our Service Team

Client service is extremely important to us. We are not an impersonal online company, because we know the best results come from collaborating on each project. From the start you will have a responsive dedicated Account Manager to answer your questions and bring your sticker project to life. Our team is here to help make sure you are getting the most out of your layout, that the die-lines are set correctly, the color is spot-on, and that your product will be delivered on time.

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