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custom promotional stickers

We are a different type of custom promotional sticker provider that focuses on design, messaging and branding with our sticker solutions. Tell your story, have calls to action and engage your audiences with fully customized die-cut sticker sheets and our other unique sticker solutions.

Our differentiators:

Quality – Our production department has been printing high quality custom promotional stickers for over 50 years and uses a proprietary ultra-removable adhesive that leaves no residue when removed.

Product Options – Our extensive production capabilities allow us to offer a variety of sticker options, including economy,  premium, and two-sided stickers. Learn about the differences between these options.

Client Service – You will have a responsive Account Manager assigned to work one-on-one with you to bring your sticker project to life. The  Account Manager will make sure the die-lines are correct, the color is spot on, layout is maximized and the product delivered on time.

Price – Due to our scale, our stickers are very competitively priced and you will not have separate charges for set-up and freight.

U.S.A. Union Made – Our stickers are produced in the U.S.A. by union labor.

Fun, popular and high quality custom stickers

We chose Magellan Promotions for our custom stickers because they’re fun, popular with students, and high quality.

- Chelsea Boone, Assistant Director of Communications
UC Santa Barbara

Helpful and responsive from ideation to design and production

We’ve seen a strong response to our custom stickers – they’re a great way for admitted applicants to show school pride.

- Mark DeLong, Director of Communications & Marketing
The George Washington University

I’ve loved every single person at Magellan that I’ve worked with

They are super responsive, have great ideas, and made my life a lot easier with promptness as well as feedback.

- Tina Iyer Elfenbein, Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Grinnell College

Magellan works so well for our university

They always offer ideas that will fit our budget and our campaign goals. And they are FAST!

- Jennifer Farley, Program Advisor
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Thanks for making my job so much easier!

Thanks again for the ease of ordering. Everyone was quite happy with the product.

- Mary Pratt, Dean’s Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

I came back to Magellan because of better customer service.

Magellan has helped our new department grow our cultural identity on campus.

- Nicole Green, Program Manager
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

They continually exceed our expectations

They continually exceed our expectations with their outstanding customer service and consistently deliver at affordable prices.

- Jenna Lang, Marketing Specialist
WaterStone Bank

Exceptional service and products

They have always delivered exceptional service and products.

- Mary R. Cole, Administrative Assistant
New Mexico Highlands University

An effortless process

When I need promotional items, Magellan makes it an effortless process.

- Tricia Maldonado, Program Coordinator
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
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