Unique custom sticker sheets and unlimited die-cuts

We offer three popular types of custom sticker sheet solutions and want to share a bit about why these are popular options.  

Custom Sticker Sheets

The George Washington University custom sticker sheet project
Full sized custom sticker sheet

Sticker sheets pack a ton of marketing heft in something that’s a breeze to distribute and share. They’re flat and lightweight, which makes them perfect to mail or hand out at events. Magellan Promotions custom sticker sheets are unique because they are fully branded marketing pieces, available at a variety of paper sizes, that allow printing on both sides of the page. The design of a final product could include branded messaging, calls to action and more, incorporated with removable die cut stickers for the recipient. The sticker sheets also feature full-color, on-brand backgrounds. Most notably, the sheet design can include as many die-cut stickers as desired on the same sheet. Compared to stand-alone stickers, for a small additional price, the sticker sheet provides an organization a more effective marketing piece because it capitalizes on the popularity of stickers to promote specific messaging directly to a target audience.  The design of the sticker sheet truly becomes a unique interactive marketing piece with limitless design options and ongoing impact.

We offer two levels of printing, premium and economy. Premium stickers are offset printed at high-resolution, have a matte finish, and are available for two-sided printing. The economy option stickers are typically more budget friendly, digitally printed, have a glossier finish and offer resolution better suited for infographics.  Compare premium and economy.

Promotional Postcard Stickers

Meet the direct mailer that’s truly interactive. When a recipient gets this postcard in the mail, it becomes a long lasting mailer.  That’s because there’s a reason to keep this card – to enjoy and use the removable stickers that are built right into the postcard. Just like the custom sticker sheets, the sticker postcard is fully customizable.  The designer has full control over the number of die-cut stickers and how to integrate them in the messaging and branding. We also add a protective finish on the sticker postcard so that it holds up well against scuffing in the mail.  

Our experienced team at Magellan Promotions can handle the mailing of the sticker postcards at a competitive price with a quick turnaround.  

Postcard sticker - University of Missouri
Interactive mail at its best

Custom Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard sticker - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Keyboard sticker – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

These small sticker sheets are designed specifically to hold keyboard stickers that cover individual keys on a standard computer keyboard. For example, for a University of Minnesota promotion, the college’s stylized “M” covered the “M” key. Larger keys like the shift, return or space bar can include entire logos, mascots or phrases. Many people spend a third of their day sitting in front of a keyboard, so they get continual reminders daily. These stand out because the keyboard is such a unique place for decoration. The impact of the keyboard sticker goes beyond the person you’re giving it to since your audience becomes your biggest promoter. These visible, fun and brag-worthy custom keyboard stickers definitely beg the question, “Hey, where can I get one of those cool stickers on your keyboard?”

Let’s peel back all the great ways you can partner with Magellan Promotions to leverage stickers and custom sticker sheets in your daily marketing efforts. Contact us today!

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