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For the spring 2019 edition of its magazine, the University Advancement team at the University of Dayton wanted to do something extra with its publication that goes to 74,000 alumni and donors. Looking for a memorable, long-lasting keepsake that would excite its wide-ranging audience without adding much cost to the already-planned mailing, the team turned to Magellan Promotions.

The Magellan team partnered with the University Dayton to deliver the perfect solution—a full page sticker sheet bound directly into the university’s alumni magazine. The solution had all the right elements. It was low cost, did not add significant weight, and proved extremely popular with a broad range of audiences. The fully-branded piece combined messaging with UD logos, iconic places, phrases, and fun stickers on a single sheet, giving alumni and donors plenty of ways to stick and share the Dayton brand just about anywhere.

The advancement team was pleased at how we were able to enhance the magazine in a way that met their goal of providing a tangible product for alumni to show off their Flyer pride!

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