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Promote Your College Pride on Computer Keyboards

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People spend countless hours on their computers each day, making them prime real estate to have a logo, messaging and branding. A recently popular merch option is to let students, alumni and donors promote their college pride using keyboard stickers

Here are a few examples of projects that successfully used a keyboard sticker letter to keep alumni engaged and feel connected with the university:

Keyboard Sticker Design Example
Keyboard Sticker Design Example, merch to promote college pride
Keyboard Sticker Design Example, merch to promote college pride

Our exclusively designed keyboard sticker is an inexpensive, engaging and unique way to decorate keyboards. You can customize any computer key with a half-inch” sticker, quickly making any keyboard a hard-to-miss advertisement for your institution.

These keyboard stickers have been so popular because they are the perfect way to connect with current and prospective students, donors, alumni and more. They are an excellent example of ideal (and economical!) merch to promote college pride!

We have numerous stock keyboard sticker templates that can include multiple keyboard stickers, enter keys and spacebar.  

Contact our team to discuss how the keyboard sticker could be the next great addition to a marketing campaign.

“We love the keyboard stickers and they remain one of the most popular giveaway items in our office!”

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