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Do More With Less: Custom Sticker Sheets

It’s been a tough year for many organizations. And, while the next year holds plenty of promise, most organizations will be managing the continuing impact of the coronavirus crisis well into 2021. Marketing efforts will continue to undergo significant retooling as the pandemic evolves, forcing many organizations to make challenging decisions about what to keep, what to change, and what to eliminate.

But, instead of figuring out what to drop from your marketing mix, instead think about what you can stick together. Custom sticker sheets combine multiple stickers with the impact of a fully branded marketing piece. Blend marketing messages, brand stories, important dates, calls to action, or other important information with the pure fun and persistence of stickers.

Custom sticker sheets give you a full page of tiny traveling billboards, perfect for your audience to use to proclaim their affection and support for your brand, organization, or cause. And, people tend to put stickers on the things they use every day—laptops, water bottles, phone cases, cars—giving stickers the unique benefit of persistent branding with a personal endorsement in highly-visible places. Few other low-cost marketing efforts can pull that off. And that’s just the sticker part of this multifaceted solution.  

The best sticker sheets take full advantage of the limitless customizations, like a recent Collegiate Information & Visitor Services Association (CIVSA) project. Using an easy-to-mail #10-sized sheet, CIVSA combined marketing copy promoting its upcoming virtual Student Development Institute with hashtags,  specific event information, a scannable QR code, and a handful of branded stickers. The piece works as an invitation, call to action, and a pathway to more information online with the added appeal of stickers—all in a single, affordable, memorable piece.  And, with the event taking place in a virtual setting, CIVSA used stickers to get something tangible and useful  in the hands of its attendees to keep them engaged with the event before, during and after.  

Integrating several different sticker designs, layouts, shapes, styles, and sizes with a fully designed background creates a complete, interactive marketing piece. Sizing options, with everything from standard postcard sizes, #10 mailer, half sheets, 8.5×11 full sheets and oversized 11×17 sheets open up plenty of opportunities to integrate into just about any marketing campaign. Two-sided sticker sheets with full color printing on the back open up even more space for content such as brochure or marketing copy, information, reminders, images or promotions. 

Despite the all-in-one utility and impact custom sticker sheets offer, they remain affordable. Economy sticker sheets scale well at lower quantities, while the premium and two-sided sticker sheets scale well at higher quantities. Both deliver exceptional value. At Magellan, every aspect of our stickers is of the highest quality. We use superior vinyl, high-quality printing, a weather-resistant finish, and an ultra-removable adhesive that makes it possible to peel off our stickers even a year or two later without leaving behind any sticky residue.  

If you’re looking for an affordable way to combine and amplify your marketing and promotional pieces in the coming year, check out our selection of custom sticker sheets. We have lots of options, but if you have a crazy custom idea that you want to explore, our dedicated account team is here to help.

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