Nonprofit Marketing With Stickers

I kept seeing it everywhere. It seemed like every other car proudly displayed this blue square sticker with a thick yellow equal sign on it. My interest piqued, I searched the web to find what this ubiquitous window sticker was, quickly discovering the Equality sticker from the Human Rights Campaign. Immediately, the cause resonated, so I became an official supporter, just like that. All from a sticker on a stranger’s car window. 

That’s the kind of impact stickers can have. A simple sticker on a car window, laptop, water bottle, guitar case, or phone can catch the attention of anyone who sees it, sparking curiosity that (hopefully) leads to support, engagement and action. From raising awareness for your organization, mission, and cause, to fundraising, engaging volunteers, and growing membership, stickers can elevate nonprofit outreach without requiring a huge investment. Given how precious time and resources are for nonprofits, affordable and effective marketing and outreach are a must. Stickers work.

Raise Awareness and Promote Your Cause

Great causes need great advocates, and stickers can help build and spread awareness for your mission and get it in front of more people in more places. Stickers can go places other marketing–or lobbyists–simply can’t reach, carrying with them an implied endorsement of your cause from the person using the sticker. Unlike other advertising, stickers, well, stick around for a long time, exponentially increasing the number of people reached with this simple, affordable promotional tool. The University of Northern Iowa’s College of Social & Behavioral Sciences used stickers smartly to promote both causes and the organization at the same time with simple, active and engaging messaging on the sticker, paired with a logo and wordmark printed on the sticker card.  


Nonprofits need to raise money constantly. There’s a lot that goes into crafting persuasive proposals, appeals, and donor acknowledgements to keep supporters engaged and giving. Incorporating stickers into this outreach is an excellent, low-cost way to amplify fundraising communications. Sticker postcards, which combine the utility of a postcard with multiple stickers in a single, easy to mail piece, can take a basic donor thank you card, and give it extended life beyond the mailing. Donors feel appreciated, and empowered to share their support of your cause everywhere they display stickers. Sticker postcards also work well to promote upcoming campaigns, initiatives, or events, engaging donors and potential donors early and giving them something simple for their support. For its record-breaking fundraising initiative,  The University of Hartford used vibrant sticker postcards to promote its Annual Day of Giving, mailing to specific donor segments as well as handing them out on campus. (Read more about how Hartford raised more money from more donors with sticker postcards

Engage Volunteers

For many nonprofits, volunteers help bring programs and services to life. Already passionate about the cause, volunteers make some of the best advocates. Armed with stickers, they can do even more work on the ground raising awareness and recruiting support. Sticker sheets (a bunch of individual stickers on a fully-designed sheet) make for highly desirable event handouts and fun mailing inserts for active outreach. Also, sticker sheets make great simple gifts for volunteers, further empowering them to signify their support of your mission and share it far and wide. Stickers paired with messaging can engage alumni volunteers on multiple levels, like the thoughtful way the Concordia University Alumni Association used its sticker sheets. Fun logos and keyboard stickers enliven the sticker sheet while still delivering targeted messaging around future opportunities to donate time, talent and treasure.

Integrated Impact

Nonprofits shouldn’t have to spend so much time and money promoting a cause that there’s little left to actually deliver programs and services. But doing so requires ingenuity and masterful juggling of resources to minimize spending while maximizing outreach so funds go to what matters most–advancing your mission. Combining multiple marketing pieces into a single piece can make a significant difference. Especially when that single piece incorporates multiple die-cut stickers on a fully-designed single sheet on one side, with full color printing on the back. Two-sided sticker sheets give plenty of room for brochure content, volunteer information, upcoming events, or any other information, all paired with a sheet of custom stickers to promote your cause. 

Ultimately, the goal of nonprofit marketing is to motivate actions that further the organization’s mission. Stickers can help move people closer to that outcome. Whenever someone notices your sticker on a stranger’s car window, awareness increases, and as awareness increases, interest, funding, and support will follow. Maybe that support comes years down the road, from someone like me, curious what the sticker they keep seeing is all about. But ultimately, it’s that sticker that inspires action, and sticks around to do it again.

~ Tim Jones
Product Marketing Manager and longtime sticker enthusiast (well before joining Magellan Promotions).

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