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With our vast production capabilities, we are able to provide two types of sticker solutions, economy and premium. With the economy stickers, there is a savings as much as 30% over the premium stickers when ordered in lower quantities (typically under 2,500 pieces). At higher quantities, the premium stickers are most often the best value. Here are a few differences between each style:

All of our sticker options use an ultra-removable adhesive and are union-printed in the United States.

High-quality, weather resistant vinyl
Ultra-removable adhesive
Custom shapes and sizes
Union made in the U. S.
Glossy finish✅*
Two-sided printing
Matte finish
More affordable at higher quantities
High resolution printing
More affordable at lower quantities

* available with lamination at additional cost

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Keep getting Captcha failing? These are reasons why...

We know it’s very annoying when you can’t place your order because the Captcha verification keeps failing. Unfortunately we must use it to stop fake orders and spam bots from ruining the site. However, some innocent people get caught in the crosshairs, and it sounds like that may have happened to you.

The most common reason reCAPTCHA doesn’t work is that Google finds your IP address suspicious. Why? We don’t know, but Google does. However, there are other causes that you can control, including outdated web browsers, faulty browser extensions, banned VPN servers, and more. Check out the list:

  • Your browser version is outdated.
  • Your computer is infected with malware.
  • The browser profile is corrupted.
  • Your IP address was banned because of detected suspicious activity.
  • Your VPN or proxy service is interrupting the reCAPTCHA process.

And these are just to name a few. And while we would like to be able to fix this problem from our end, we can’t… these are related to your computer and your IP address.

The best way to start is to update your browser, and disable any extensions you may have installed. Or, try a different browser.

If you are working from a corporate network, chances are you are behind a VPN or proxy server, and Google will deem this suspicious, because spammers work behind VPNs and proxy servers. The best thing in this case that you can try is to connect to a network outside your workplace and place your order then. 

If all else fails, please feel free to call in your order at 414-831-0184. Our hours for taking orders are 8AM-4:30PM CST. We are here to help!