Technical Specs and Information

Now the Technical Stuff

Once you have the design you want, make sure you have the basics covered

  • All designs need to bleed 1/4″ off of the page.
  • Include your dielines when you submit your files to us. Review the sample image which shows bleed and dieline margins.
  • All text, stickers and critical images should be within a safe line, 1/8 of an inch from the cut line.
  • Make sure to leave enough room in between your stickers so the bleed lines don’t run into each other.
  • Call out any specific PMS colors that you need us to adhere too. Our stickers are printed in full color, but we do our best to match PMS colors when printing.
  • Please send over all art in outlined vector form.
  • Keyboard key designs should be sized at 0.5” H

Production Time: Production time on our stickers generally varies from five to 10 business days, based on the type of sticker. Keep in mind, production doesn’t begin until we have final proof approval. Once completed, shipping times can be one to five business days, so make sure you plan ahead for your in-hand date.

Sample image showing dielines, bleed and safe areas for designing stickers.
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